is On the Move After Amazon Pulls It’s Web Hosting Services

Update: has now moved to Epik

Social network Parler has been making headlines in the last few days. After reported complaints that Parler was used to coordinate the recent storming of the US Capitol building, Apple and Google removed the network’s app from their respective app stores.

Amazon went a stage further, removing Parler from its AWS web hosting service and effectively stopping the social network from operating. Parler has just filed suit against Amazon for discontinuing its hosting service, but the founders of Parler are seemingly also worried about their domain since is now on the move.

DreamHost,’s current registrar, has been under fire on social media for continuing to allow offer domain registration services to, but now the domain name has been updated to show “pendingTransfer” status meaning that the name is going to be transferred to another registrar.

It’s unclear whether this was a preemptive move by Parler’s founders or whether this was proactive action from DreamHost.

Where could end up? Epik is the registrar that may come to mind as is registered there, but in a letter on January 11th, Epik shared that it hadn’t been in contact with Parler. A clarification request based on’s “pendingTransfer” status, sent to Epik’s CEO Rob Monster, wasn’t immediately replied to.

Update: is now registered at Epik

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