Posh Virtual Receptionists Launches on Posh.com

It’s difficult to start a report like this without filling it with cliches about the value of premium, single-word .COM domains and their increasing scarcity.

The fact is, though, that those cliches are true. Another highly valuable single-word .COM domain name has been developed, and this time it’s Posh.com.

To any followers of DNWE co-founder Josh Schoen on Twitter, this name may be familiar. In 2019, Josh announced that he had acquired the domain for an undisclosed fee:

After Josh took possession of the name, Posh.com was put under WHOIS privacy protection at GoDaddy where the name has remained ever since. Although privacy protection doesn’t help us to establish a change of registrant, it’s clear that Josh sold the name, tweeting in September 2020 that he “won’t own Posh.com for much longer.”

For the last couple of months of 2020, Posh.com has held a “coming soon” page that gave few clues about its future, but recently that has changed.

If you navigate to Posh.com at the time of publishing, you’ll see a service developed by “Posh Virtual Receptionists LLC.” Little is known about the company, but Posh’s LinkedIn page suggests the company was founded in 2020.

That would imply that the company either launched their company using Posh.com or acquired it very soon after creating their service. Either way, it’s rare for a company to spend what’s likely to be a significant six or seven-figure fee on a domain name so early on. 

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