SocialSurvey Rebrands to

Founded in 2015, SocialSurvey quickly built a reputation as a leading experience management solution, raising $16.8 million in funding along the way.

The word experience is a core of the company’s service offering. Therefore, it’s apt that SocialSurvey should now rebrand to

SocialSurvey acquired the premium domain name for an undisclosed fee just before Christmas 2020 after months of the domain redirecting to a brokerage page.

There’s no mention of the rebranding on SocialSurvey’s social media accounts, suggesting that the rebrand hasn’t been fully completed yet, but after navigating to you are greeted with an announcement that SocialSurvey is rebranding to Curiously, there is a press release at dated February 1st, 2021, indicating that the official change will happen tomorrow.

Interestingly, the company is rebranding to rather than Experience, opting to include the .com in the logo and brand name. This is a move that many brands have chosen after upgrading to a premium .COM domain.

For example, I interviewed David Gimes for the Media Options blog in 2020 after his company rebranded from TreatADog to His rationale for including .com in the brand name makes a lot of sense.

This is the second domain upgrade that SocialSurvey has performed, first moving from to, and finally to


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