The Sedo Sales Roundup, January Edition:,, and More…

In an expansion to my regular Sales Roundup feature, I’m going to be writing a monthly article focusing on domain names sold at the Sedo marketplace to see who they were purchased by, and why. In this edition, I’m focusing on five domain sales reported by Sedo in January 2021. Prices and data are courtesy of NameBio. – $74,855

According to Google Trends, face yoga has been popular for the last decade and has had peaks of popularity. The practice of face yoga, aimed at reducing the signs of aging on the face, is profitable, too. With some instructors charging $200 per class and online face yoga courses and YouTube channels thriving, it seems like $74,855 for the exact-match .COM for the practice,, was a fair price.

The name has been developed by Wire Salad, an Estonian app developer that is using the domain to promote its face yoga app. – $60,000

Holy ground predominantly means an area of ground that is sacred or holy. It’s also the title of a Taylor Swift song, according to Wikipedia. According to DomainIQ, this name may have been sold at Sedo on behalf of Merlix LLC, a North Carolina software and Internet company that has additional offices in Europe.

The buyer was HolyGround, a company helping churches with live streaming, social media, website design, WiFi, networking, and other IT issues during COVID-19. The domain is currently being used in conjunction with the company’s upcoming HolyGround conference. – $36,227

According to NameBio, the sale of for $36,227 is the fifth-largest .ORG domain sale of the past year. The name was likely sold by Thomas Churm, according to DomainIQ, who has a portfolio of several hundred domains.

The domain was acquired by Pre Post SEO Services Inc, a company that offers free online tools for webmasters and SEO experts. is used by the company to host a series of free tools based around writing and editing content. – $32,009 instantly sounds like the type of domain name that a hosting company could create a lasting brand around. That is certainly the case as the buyer of this domain was a company called Host Plus Ltd., trading as HostGrid.

Host Plus Ltd. is a brand new company that only formed in August 2020, according to UK government records. The company certainly has invested in a great domain name straight away. – $12,600

When you consider, you may think that the domain would be used in conjunction with a celebrity management company or an agent. In reality, the domain was acquired by a real estate venture.

Celebrity Agent, a San Francisco-based company, is described as a “venture-backed SAAS company driving growth for the top tier of mortgage and real estate professionals.” The company was founded in mid-2020 by an experienced real estate entrepreneur that has had success founding multiple startups.


Here are five more domain names sold by Sedo in January 2021 that caught my eye: – $12,142

Acquired by DK Medical GmbH. FFP2 is a type of mask that is equivalent to the N95 mask in the US. The domain is used to promote DK Medical’s FFP2 masks, with a link to order masks from DK’s website. – $12,000 was purchased by an unknown company or individual and currently redirects to, suggesting that the new owner is from Germany. – $9,950

Registered in 2019, sold for $9,950 less than two years later. The name is being used by Timebase, a company developing a  forthcoming analytics platform. – $9,221

One of the largest .VC domain sales recorded so far. was acquired by Axel Springer Porsche GmbH, a company that provides early-stage funding for startups. – $8,000 was acquired by Norweigan company Front Systems AS, an iPad point-of-sale system provider. The name was an upgrade from

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