$220,000 Buyer of Triple.com Revealed

Earlier this month, Sedo’s top broker Dave Evanson scored another six-figure sale after announcing that he closed a deal for $220,000 for the Triple.com domain.

Shortly after that announcement, Triple.com moved to a privacy-protected GoDaddy account, which naturally gave few clues as to the new registrant’s identity.

Now, however, the domain has updated and hosts a website. That website is a real estate lead generation service that seems to cover the whole of America.

It appears Triple.com will be used to rebrand the service from AgentHire to Triple, with Triple.com replacing AgentHire.com. Little is known about AgentHire, but it looks as though this venture started last year and is still in the early stages.

There is a real estate listing service called Triplemint, based in New York with $17.7 million of funding to date. However, I can’t find a connection between Triple.com and Triplemint. It looks as though AgentHire, now known as Triple, is an independent venture.

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