Brent Oxley Sells in a 6 Figure Financed Deal

Brent Oxley, the Hostgator founder who has now launched his new hosting venture at, has sold the domain

Oxley has been a prolific buyer of domain names for several years and has amassed a desirable portfolio of some of the best names in existence. Some of the domains in Brent’s portfolio, hosted at his Efty marketplace site, include,, and to name just three.

While Brent Oxley is known for his domain acquisitions, he does occasionally sell a domain. Recently, Brent sold the name in a 6 figure deal financed over an undisclosed number of months or years. According to archival copies of Brent’s marketplace, had a minimum offer value of $100,000.

The domain name currently holds a simple landing page, but ultimately the plan is for the domain to be used as an “online inheritance vault in the cloud.”


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