Was Block.one the Buyer of Bullish.com for $1,080,000?

The name Block.one may be familiar to those that follow domain name news. In 2019, the company made headlines by acquiring the Voice.com domain name for $30 million from MicroStrategy in a deal brokered by GoDaddy.

Voice.com moved into a MarkMonitor registrar account using Cloudflare nameservers, and quickly started to host Block.one’s social network, Voice.

That wasn’t the end of Block.one’s domain acquisitions, though. Block.one also acquired B1.com and again the domain moved to MarkMonitor.

In November 2020, DNJournal revealed that the domain Bullish.com had sold in a transaction worth $1,080,000 in a deal brokered by GoDaddy, with GoDaddy reportedly getting $180,000 from that price for acting as the broker.

Bullish is a strong financial term that would fit very well into the broader digital strategy of a company such as Block.one.

Bullish.com moved to a MarkMonitor account and recently started to use Cloudflare nameservers. Notice a pattern forming?

Although the identity of Bullish.com’s new owner hasn’t been revealed, there is a similarity between Voice.com and Bullish.com. Both sizable acquisitions facilitated by GoDaddy, both moving to MarkMonitor.

Those common factors alone certainly aren’t enough to confirm that Block.one did indeed acquire Bullish.com. GoDaddy facilitates hundreds of transactions, and MarkMonitor is the registrar of choice for thousands of companies.

Although, Block.one would certainly fit the profile of an end-user buyer for Bullish.com, and it seems that the company has started to become somewhat associated with the term.

In January 2021, Block.one’s Twitter account confirmed that the company moved 20.2 million EOS tokens from Block.one into a new subsidiary account called Bullish. The EOS token is the cryptocurrency of Block.one’s EOS network.

There is speculation among some groups and forums that the Bullish brand name will be used in connection with an upcoming Programmable Finance (ProFi) venture. It also looks like the @Bullish Twitter handle may have changed hands recently with the account now dark, and the previous tweets deleted.

This is entirely conjecture, but there are ties between Block.one and the “Bullish” name. From a domain perspective, the trifecta of Block.one, MarkMonitor and GoDaddy have previously combined in the Voice.com deal. Will Block.one be revealed as the owner of Bullish.com soon?

Two weeks ago, I reached out to Block.one to try to confirm Block.one’s potential acquisition of Bullish.com but after one email from the company’s media department, they went silent. My email to them has been opened 26 times since then, curiously.

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