What is DomainAgents?

If you look at Escrow.com’s list of its “Masters of Domains” winners, you’ll notice that a name crops up every year; Ryan McKegney of DomainAgents.

Many within and outside the domain industry have asked though, what is DomainAgents, and how does the company help you to acquire or sell domains?

As you may have guessed from the name, DomainAgents is a facilitator of domain transactions. Set up in 2012, the service offers a novel way of helping to connect buyers and sellers. They pay domain owners to participate.

For a fee of $19.95, anyone can make an offer for a domain name via DomainAgents, and DomainAgents will then track down the domain’s owner. From there, DomainAgents gives that domain’s owner $10 in order to respond, regardless of the outcome. 

It’s certainly a means of motivating sellers to take a minute to respond to an offer while vetting buyers by making them pay a fee before anything happens. Interestingly, NameCheap seems to have a partnership with DomainAgents, with NameCheap prompting users to make an offer on an already-registered domain name via DomainAgents

If you receive an email from an @domainagents.com email address, it’s likely that someone is interested in your domain name. Responding to a legitimate DomainAgents.com should give you $10, according to DomainAgents. 

Does the service work? The company rarely discloses its sales figures but from scouring DNJournal’s archives, I can see that DomainAgents.com has been responsible for sales such as LEV.com for $200,000, Radius.com for $100,000, and Act.today for $20,000. 

Anecdotal evidence suggests the system can be successful and if DomainAgents is ranking in Escrow.com’s Masters of Domains year after year, the company must be doing something right. In 2021, CEO Ryan McKegney ranked third on the list. 

Have you ever sold a name via DomainAgents?

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