Did Archer Acquire Archer.com for $500,000?

Recently, I published details of air mobility platform Blade’s $503,000 acquisition of Blade.com. The information was uncovered thanks to expert sleuthing from investor George Kirikos.

George also speculated that Archer, another air mobility company, had also acquired their exact-match .COM for a figure around the $500,000 mark.

In an SEC filing (page F-7), George noticed that Archer revealed a $500,000 fee for “purchase of domain names” in 2020. Incidentally, Archer upgraded from FlyArcher.com to Archer.com in 2020. According to WHOIS history and Archive.org, Archer acquired Archer.com from business coach James Archer.

The “purchase of domain names” phrase suggests that Archer acquired more than one domain name last year. Unfortunately, since Archer.com and FlyArcher.com are under WHOIS privacy protection, it’s difficult to determine whether Archer did indeed acquire any other domains. I’ve also used several other research points, but again, there’s no clear indication as to whether Archer acquired more than just Archer.com last year.

When I contacted Archer directly, the company was unable to confirm a specific acquisition price for Archer.com.

Out of that $500,000 figure listed for the “purchase of domain names” by Archer, it’s likely that the acquisition of Archer.com makes up either all, or almost all, of that figure. Unfortunately, though, it doesn’t look as though we’ll have precise confirmation of this.

It’s possible that Archer did acquire Archer.com for $500,000 in 2020.

2 thoughts on “Did Archer Acquire Archer.com for $500,000?”

  1. Hello James,

    You could very easily be right, the wording of the clause leaves plenty of wiggle room. Thanks for this intriguing thought. JAS 3/22/2021
    Gratefully and respectfully, Jeff Schneider (CONTACT GROUP)
    Metal Tiger

  2. Hello James,

    For your followers benefit, We will make this statement. Stay clear of (.whatevers) because they are Google backed (SEM-CENTRIC) Sucker plays. JAS. 3/22/2021
    Gratefully and respectfully, Jeff Schneider (CONTACT GROUP)
    Metal Tiger


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