Here Are 9 Sales in the 6 Figure Range Announced This Week

The next DNJournal chart is going to feature a top 10 consisting almost entirely of 6 figure deals. Last week, DomainNameWire announced the $400,000 sale of, but this week eclipses that by some way as 9 deals in the 6 figure range have been disclosed.

Here is a roundup of those 6 figure sales. – $138,000

On March 8, DomainNameWire revealed that sold for $138,000 to CopeCart, a German invoicing company that is currently using to redirect visitors to its existing website. Will CopeCart be rebranding to Cope and in the near future? – $150,000

Also on March 8, published details of the sale of for $150,000. The domain was acquired by NameCheap for an upcoming project. sits alongside NameCheap’s other premium .COM domains including and – $106,000

This 3 number .COM domain sale was announced by Sedo on March 9. According to NameBio, this ranks as the smallest 3 number .COM sale in the past five years, coming in at $106,000. – $300,000

Mike Mann shared his latest blockbuster domain name sale on March 10, capitalizing on the NFT phenomenon by selling for a reported $300,000. As of publishing, is in the process of being transferred to its new owner. – $977,500

The rest of these 6 figure sales were announced by GoDaddy in a list released on March 10. These deals actually closed in October 2020, but GoDaddy has a delay in releasing domain sales data. at close to $1 million topped GoDaddy’s list. The name was acquired by Stoff & Stil, a fabric and hobby craft brand. – $150,000 was acquired by T&G Sports LLC, the same company that operates Unsurprisingly, sells skates. From ice skates to roller skates, T&G Sports has utilized an exact-match .COM to create this e-commerce site. – $150,000

Also coming in at $150,000 is this 3 letter .COM. The domain was sold by Nat Cohen’s Telepathy, Inc. The name was acquired by someone in China, but currently there are few clues to the owner’s identity or intentions. Coincidentally, GoDaddy owns the similar – $107,222

Another domain name that sold to China is for $107,222. Again, little is known about the buyer’s identity or their intentions for the domain. As of publishing, resolves to a Sedo page with a link to a Sedo sales listing. – $100,000

Rounding out the list is, which sold for $100,000. JOD is being used as an acronym of Just One Dime by Seth Kniep’s company, Just One Dime. As of writing, redirects to but the company does use to host email.

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  1. “As of publishing, is in the process of being transferred to its new owner.”

    How do you announce a sale before a sale? Should never chart or even list stuff like that. I’ve had deals in escrow that were paid, domain transferred, and then returned upon inspection. Twice.


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