Mike Mann Reports $300,000 Sale of DigitalArtists.com

Thanks to NFTs, digital artists have a new, lucrative revenue stream. Graphic designer Beeple, for example, sold a piece of digital art for $6.6 million at a Christie’s auction.

It seems that Mike Mann is another person who has cashed in on the digital art craze at the moment, as he has reported the sale of DigitalArtists.com for $300,000:

WHOIS data currently shows that Mann is still the registered owner of DigitalArtists.com, so the buyer is unknown. Given the NFT trend, I would expect the new owner to be connected to that field.

The next DNJournal chart will have stiff competition for the top ten, as GoDaddy also released several six-figure sales earlier today.

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  1. This is so exciting digital and token names are going to crush it this next 5 years. This is the future. If you got digital or token domains hold onto them because your names will be in massive demand in next 5 years.


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