Sells for $35,000, the brokerage brand created by broker Mark Ghoriafi, has made a name for itself in the .IO space by recently selling names such as for $80,000, and for $50,000, with tens more highly valuable .IO names listed for sale on Mark’s website.

The domain can now be added to’s collection of five-figure sales, as Ghoriafi confirmed to me today that he brokered the sale of for $35,000. WHOIS history shows that the name was one of a number of .IO names owned by investor Jason Greenwald who, incidentally, seems to have acquired recently.

According to NameBio, this sale will be the twelfth-largest publicly disclosed .IO sale of all time, and the sixth-largest publicly disclosed .IO sale of the past year.

Mark was unable to share any further information on this sale, but WHOIS suggests that the name was acquired by James Watts Ltd of the UK. As of writing, is still redirecting to Ghoriafi’s website, so we’ll have to wait to see what the name will be used for.


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