MyPillow Guy Acquired for New Social Network

This week, the inventor and CEO of MyPillow, Mike Lindell, announced plans to create a social network called Vocl. That’s vocal without the a.

Despite a new $1.3 billion defamation lawsuit against Lindell filed by Dominion Voting Systems, Lindell seems to be focusing much of his energy on his new social network.

According to Business Insider, Lindell’s Vocl will be “a cross between Twitter and YouTube.” Business Insider quotes Lindell as saying, “It’s all about being able to be vocal again and not to be walking on eggshells.”

Mike Lindell was banned from Twitter in January due to repeated violations of its civic integrity policy.

Lindell acquired to host his project. According to WHOIS history, the domain moved to Epik under WHOIS privacy protection in September 2020, but WHOIS updated on March 10 to show a different privacy-protected email address and custom nameservers. Did Lindell acquire this past week? had an $85,000 asking price at Afternic.

Lindell is already facing the threat of a lawsuit over the domain name after Creatd Inc. warned Lindell to change his social network name and surrender ownership of to Creatd Inc., who happens to operate a social network called Vocal that runs on

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  1. I’m trying to reach them about buying or codeveloping my partially developed startup and very strong socialmedia brand. If anyone can help me connect with Mike Lindell I’d appreciate a contact. Thank you


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