Sells for $30,000

Fruit domain names make some of the best brand names. While the .COMs rightly get the majority of attention, fruit keywords in other extensions can be valuable, too. Domain investor Rundong Li can attest to this after selling for $30,000.

The deal was facilitated by GoDaddy’s Uniregistry brand after a GoDaddy broker reached out with an initial offer in the four-figure range. After some negotiating, the final sales price of $30,000 was agreed.’s $30,000 sales price ranks as the second-largest publicly disclosed .TV sale of 2021 behind Blue String Ventures’ $45,000 sale of The sale of also ranks just outside the top 20 .TV sales of all time, according to NameBio.

The identity of’s buyer hasn’t been revealed yet, but the domain has moved to a privacy-protected Dynadot account. (NSFW), which sold for an undisclosed amount last year, is also registered to a privacy-protected Dynadot account. It’s possible that the .COM buyer did acquire the .TV equivalent.

Despite selling, Rundong Li still owns similar names such as,,,, and — a truly impressive set of .TV domains.

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