Top Domains Owned by Koober Investments Ltd:,, and More…

In December 2020, Koober Investments Ltd made headlines in the domain name industry by acquiring the domain for $803,025. In the days after that acquisition, it was revealed that the mysterious company also acquired for an undisclosed fee. 

It turns out that Koober Investments Ltd, based in the British Virgin Islands, owns a portfolio packed with some of the best domains in existence. Here are the top names in the company’s portfolio.

We start with one of a number of powerhouse financial domain names that Koober owns. Koober Investments first appeared on the domain’s WHOIS data in 2017 but no acquisition price was ever revealed. features as one of the names sold by domain brokerage Guta. How much might be worth? The best comparison we have is, which sold for $1.3 million back in 2006.

A four-letter domain name that could be used in many different industries, but the best-use case would likely be in the gambling industry. Koober is indeed operating as a casino gaming site. Although the site is blocked in the UK, so I cannot access the full version of the site.

The domain was listed as having sold for $675,000 in 2009. According to WHOIS history, Koober Investments may have been the buyer as the address on the WHOIS data at the time corresponds to Koober’s current address.

Yoga has become an incredibly popular activity. According to statistics, 55 million Americans participated in yoga in 2020 with the practice as a whole raking in billions of dollars per year. At the moment, there’s a basic site on, although with the yoga industry being lucrative and popular, perhaps it’s time to build out fully? is one of Koober’s most recent purchases, with the acquisition price likely to have been in the seven-figure range, given the fact that the name has previously sold for seven-figures numerous times.

The domain name fits in well with the other prestigious financial names on show in this portfolio. It’ll be interesting to see whether the name gets developed.

One name that Koober Investments has acquired and immediately developed is The domain was purchased by the company in late 2020, and broker Kate Buckley was responsible for making the deal happen.

The name was acquired for a price of $803,025 and almost immediately started to display a website for a customer engagement service. & and are both owned by Koober Investments. looks to have been acquired in 2014. Koober didn’t appear on the WHOIS data for until early 2019, suggesting that may have been another relatively recent acquisition. 

These two domains are both parked as of writing, but either would make an incredible destination for stock market data.

Purveyors of “top domain sales of all time” lists may have seen appear. The name previously sold for $9,999,950, according to a DNJournal report, making it one of the largest publicly-disclosed sales of all time. 

Since then, the name has been resold. reported that in 2019, Koober acquired the name for an undisclosed fee in a transaction facilitated by brokerage firm MediaOptions.

Koober Investments Ltd certainly likes ultra-premium financial domains. This time, the name’s Bond, Products such as municipal bonds or corporate bonds are commonplace in the financial world.

According to DomainIQ, the acquisition of took place around April 2017 for an undisclosed fee.

Another Koober purchase that we have the acquisition price of is The name sale was brokered by Sharjil Saleem in 2017 for $406,000 and became the fifteenth-largest domain sale of 2017.

The final financial domain on our list,, is now parked.

Before the COVID-19 pandemic, the travel industry was booming, with innovative services such as Airbnb reimagined the travel experience. A domain such as has obvious intrinsic connections with the travel industry.

Currently, Koober Investments uses as the home of a London-based company offering serviced apartment accommodation.


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