$2 Million Angel.com Buyer Revealed

Sedo’s senior broker Dave Evanson recently announced his latest blockbuster sale after successfully closing a $2 million deal for Angel.com.

Evanson only published news of Sedo’s exclusive contract to broker Angel.com on March 30, 2021, but it took little time for a buyer to be found.

As Angel.com is such a valuable generic domain name, especially in the world of angel investing, there was some speculation as to who the $2 million buyer might be. Some thought that AngelList, operating on Angel.co, may have been the most obvious buyer, but that has proved to be wrong.

Angel.com was acquired by Angel Studios, a crowd-funded content platform that recently rebranded from VidAngel, which offers content filtering for TV and movies.

Angel Studios’ rebrand comes after the company sold its VidAngel filtering business for an undisclosed fee. Now, Angel Studios offers crowdfunding for TV shows and movies.

One success story from Angel Studios, which has already tested the waters with its crowdfunding platform, is The Chosen, a 7-season TV show depicting the life of Jesus. Both seasons 1 and 2 were fully funded at $10 million each. Angel Studios is now raising funds for The Chosen season 3.

Jeffrey Harmon, the co-founder of Angel Studios, tweeted to confirm the company’s acquisition of Angel.com:

Jeffrey also revealed that the sales price was only disclosed as the company did not want to pay an extra 10% fee for confidentiality. The 10% confidentiality fee is not correct, though. Sedo’s optional confidentiality fee is 2.5% as listed on Sedo’s price list page. I’m told that the 2.5% fee is negotiable, too.

Angel Studios used its own platform to raise funds for the company, with a $4,999,993 funding round filled. According to Angel Studios, it received revenues of $47 million in 2020, a 4.4x growth compared with 2019.



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