5 More Recent Acquisitions from Brent Oxley: Text.com, Jug.com, and More

HostGator founder turned domain name investor Brent Oxley has been on something of a buying spree this year. Since the beginning of 2021, Oxley has acquired domain names such as Draw.com, Diagnose.com, and Instruct.com. He hasn’t stopped there, though.

Oxley has recently added several more names to his portfolio.



This is another four-letter word .COM that Oxley has added to his portfolio, sitting alongside the likes of Role.com, Bath.com, and Pack.com. The domain was offered for sale in 2020 by Joe Uddeme’s NameExperts brokerage, but it’s unclear whether Uddeme sold it to Oxley.

According to WHOIS history, Text.com was previously owned by Intercontinental Domain Inc., and later by International. The acquisition price is unknown, but Oxley has placed a minimum offer price of $1 million on this name.



Oxley has a bumper collection of four-letter words, but he also owns several three-letter .COMs including Ore.com, Sue.com, and Veg.com. Oxley has now added Jug.com to that group.

The name was acquired from a WHOIS privacy-protected GoDaddy account, according to DomainIQ’s WHOIS history.



Another three-letter .COM recently added to Oxley’s collection is Let.com, acquired by Oxley for $200,000 from fellow investor and broker James Booth. Let, a common term in real estate, has been passed through the hands of a couple of investors in recent years before finding its way to Oxley’s portfolio.

Let.com now has a minimum offer value of $500,000 at Oxley’s Efty marketplace.



Citronella is a grass plant typically found in Asia, with Citronella oil often used in perfumes. Citronella.com was previously owned by domain investor and publisher of DomainInvesting.com, Elliot Silver’s Top Notch Domains LLC. Silver wrote a blog post in 2016 discussing his reasons for acquiring the domain.



The last of Oxley’s featured recent purchases is Aquarium.com, a name that I’m finding inexplicably difficult to spell! The domain was acquired from Webmagic Ventures LLC, according to WHOIS. Webmagic Ventures LLC owns a portfolio of premium names, including Nevada.com, Account.com, and Ace.com.

Webmagic Ventures LLC previously sold Oxley domains, including Motivate.com and HealthSpa.com. As of writing, Oxley has placed a minimum offer value of $400,000 on Aquarium.com.

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