After $22 Million in Funding, Geneva Upgrades to

Geneva. A global financial and diplomatic center, and one of the most expensive places to live. You may be familiar with Switzerland’s second most populous city, but you may not be aware of the social network of the same name.

Founded in 2019, Geneva is a group chat app that is intended to help people build communities. According to Geneva, the company’s app uses text chat rooms as well as audio rooms, à la Clubhouse, and video rooms similar to Facebook Rooms.

The app has seemingly been popular enough to warrant a total of $22 million in investment, raised in three separate rounds. The most recent round, a $12 million Series A, was completed in December 2020 and featured an investment from Patreon CEO Jack Conte.

The $12 million round may have been the catalyst for Geneva’s acquisition of, upgrading from in the process. Geneva’s upgrade was spotted by @rundns on Twitter:

According to WHOIS, Geneva may have acquired in early February 2021. shows that was dormant for some time before Geneva’s acquisition of the domain.

To complement, Geneva also operates the @Geneva Twitter handle.

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