Will be an NFT Service

Yesterday, I wrote an article entitled “ Buyer Revealed,” sharing details of the identity of the new registrant of the valuable domain name off the back of the domain’s recent sale.

The new registrant is Candy Digital Inc., a New York-based company formed in mid-March 2021.

Intellectual Property attorney Karen Bernstein pointed me to a trademark for, filed on the same day that initial paperwork for Candy Digital Inc., was filed.

The trademark describes as:

[a] web-based service related to blockchain-based non-fungible tokens (NFTs), including for creating, providing information about, selling, auctioning and trading NFTs; digital token exchange services; digital token trading; digital token transfer services

NFTs, non-fungible tokens, are an asset class that is extremely popular around the globe at the moment. From Beeple to b-ball, NFTs are being created and sold at an incredible rate.

As ever, domain names are central to many NFT services. Mark Cuban recently announced the launch of NFT platform, for example, and the owner of is reportedly offering the domain for sale for $31 million.

2 thoughts on “ Will be an NFT Service”

  1. Not into NFT’s. Still think should be used for candy related products. Average person is going to go to thinking it still sells candy.

  2. Nice. Ever look at worker reviews online of

    Sounds like the worst place on earth to work. There are dozens of seriously damning comments about the environment and attitudes there.

    Rick was so proud to be a part of that. All about the $ right? Run your business like garbage and treat your employees like trash. Praise that. $$ over everything.

    Was never anything to be proud about. Alas, be ashamed.


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