Clubhouse Acquires After Scoring Funding at $4 Billion Valuation

On April 12, I speculated that audio-based social network Clubhouse had acquired from Reflex Publishing Inc., a company that maintains a highly valuable portfolio of .COM domain names including,, and

It seems that Clubhouse has, indeed, acquired after a nameserver change revealed the new owner.

As of publishing, redirected to a Reflex Publishing parked page, but WHOIS data for showed that the domain’s nameservers updated to and

These nameservers are also used on Clubhouse’s main domain names, and, which heavily suggested that Clubhouse is the new owner of despite the domain owner’s identity being obscured behind WHOIS privacy protection.

On May 3, I noticed that does now host Clubhouse’s website.

I suspect the company has also acquired the @Clubhouse Twitter handle after former owners moved from @Clubhouse to @Clubhouseio, but as of writing, audio app Clubhouse still operates on @JoinClubhouse on Twitter.

The acquisition of happened as the company announced it secured an undisclosed Series C funding round, reportedly at a $4 billion valuation.

This comes as Twitter, Facebook, and even LinkedIn have reportedly been developing their own versions of Clubhouse’s audio chat rooms. Facebook is experimenting with an Instagram/Clubhouse mashup that it calls Hotline.

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  1. I thought Reflex Publishing doesn’t sell domains based on (not for sale) line in whois info.

    Do they sell on the right price?


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