Confirmed: Microsoft Acquired

In December 2020, confirmed that premium portfolio holder sold to a then-unknown MarkMonitor client.

There was some speculation that the domain name had been acquired by Microsoft since Microsoft’s domain portfolio is managed by MarkMonitor, and notably, Microsoft has an application called Teams that has become a go-to app for companies and schools alike during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Today, I noticed that WHOIS data for the domain name had been updated on April 19, 2021:

That WHOIS information now shows Microsoft as the owner of Before April 19, 2021, the domain’s registrant information was displaying MarkMonitor’s default details, obscuring the real identity of the owner.

With Microsoft’s ownership now confirmed, will the company start to use the domain? As of writing, is not resolving, but nameservers have been updated to show Microsoft nameservers. Similar nameservers are used for Microsoft products such as,, and Microsoft’s acquisition price is still unknown.

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