Detect Acquires from Brent Oxley

COVID-19 has blighted the World. With severe long-term economic, health, and cultural damage, the past year has been tough. The most difficult of circumstances can, however, bring about innovation and positive change.

Detect is one of those innovating companies, now focusing on its latest creation — a fast, accurate COVID-19 test. The company was founded in 2017 by Dr. Jonathan Rothberg, a scientist, and entrepreneur best known for his contributions to next-generation DNA sequencing.

Up until now, Detect has operated on, but it seems the company has acquired, with now replacing may be familiar to anyone that has followed the Brent Oxley saga that I wrote about recently. In essence, was one of 25 domain names locked by GoDaddy after a lawsuit was filed in India by a domainer against GoDaddy India and Brent Oxley.

GoDaddy unlocked the domain names on March 17 and Oxley quickly moved the 25 names to Namecheap. Oxley stated in his own lawsuit (PDF), filed in Texas against the Indian domainer, that he had received over $5 million worth of offers on his locked domain names. Was one of the names that Oxley received a previously unactionable offer on?

According to NameBio, Oxley acquired the domain name for $57,600 in 2019 in a deal brokered by Oxley then added the name to his Efty marketplace, but naturally, the domain is no longer there.


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