Did Clubhouse Just Acquire Clubhouse.com?

It’s amazing to consider that Clubhouse, the audio-based social network, has been operating for less than a year. Clubhouse has already attracted over 10 million users including Elon Musk, Jared Leto, and even Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg.

The company behind Clubhouse has already raised $110 million in funding, but sources at Bloomberg state that Clubhouse is looking to raise more money at a $4 billion valuation.

From a domain name perspective, Clubhouse’s domain strategy has been less than ideal, but very much in line with a new company focusing on product development rather than finessing its digital branding.

Clubhouse launched using JoinClubhouse.com, a domain registered during Clubhouse’s creation phase. Clubhouse then acquired Join.club, but Clubhouse.com has been very much out of reach for the company.

Clubhouse.com has been a part of the Reflex Publishing Inc. portfolio of domain names since at least 2003, the earliest historical WHOIS record available at DomainIQ. Reflex Publishing also owns and operates a sublime portfolio of domain names including High.com, Plant.com, and Tea.com to name but three.

It seems, though, that Clubhouse.com may have left the Reflex Publishing portfolio. WHOIS data suggests that the domain name recently switched to WHOIS privacy-protection, something not typically done by Reflex Publishing Inc.

A screenshot showing the recent WHOIS status update date, and Clubhouse.com’s privacy protection.

The rest of Reflex Publishing’s high-value domain names display unobscured WHOIS data showing Reflex Publishing Inc. as the registrant, so for Clubhouse.com to move under privacy protection does at least hint at the possibility of a sale.

Interestingly, the @Clubhouse Twitter handle also looks to have changed hands recently, with the original owner, Clubhouse.io, moving from @Clubhouse to @Clubhouseio in the past few days.

Both the recent movements of Clubhouse.com and the Twitter handle suggest that Clubhouse may be upgrading its digital branding efforts. Will that prove to be the case? I have contacted representatives of Clubhouse and Reflex Publishing Inc. for comment, but have received no response so far.

3 thoughts on “Did Clubhouse Just Acquire Clubhouse.com?”

  1. If they sold and reflex never does I would say it is an 8 figure domain sale.10-15 million They have one of the best portfolios on earth.

    • Please, this is pure nonsense and I assume you are trying to blow hot air. They have sold domains plenty of times before and the speed of the sale suggests a high price is unlikely.


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