$148,134 eShop.com Buyer Revealed

At the end of March 2021, the eShop.com domain name expired. Why was this significant news? The name was previously owned by Microsoft, who used the name as part of the MSN Shopping brand.

eShop.com did enter the pendingdelete phase and subsequently dropped. The name was caught by Web.com and was auctioned at NameJet and SnapNames, both Web.com properties.

The auction attracted significant attention from numerous different parties, and ultimately, the domain reached a closing price of $148,134, a sales price that has been confirmed by Web.com

Today, registrant information for eShop.com updated. According to WHOIS data, Alex Nguyen of California is the new owner. Alex is listed as owning other domains such as TheDigest.com, QuickQuiz.com, and CBDNews.com, all of which were also sold via Web.com’s NameJet.

Will the domain name be developed, or is it an investment?

There was some speculation that the name may have been acquired by a large eCommerce company such as Shopify, which paid $200,000 for Shop.app, but this doesn’t seem to be the case.

As of publishing, I’m yet to hear back from the new registrant to see if we can learn anything about their intentions for the domain.

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  1. Seems like it’s bought by a reseller. All 3 domains you mentioned owned by Alex are yet to have any sales lander.


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