How to Use GoDaddy’s New BIN Landing Page

GoDaddy’s Joe Styler took to Twitter recently to post a screenshot of GoDaddy’s new BIN landing page. The GoDaddy-branded BIN (Buy It Now) pages are now due to be released for wider general use, after a period of behind-the-scenes testing.

Before, those opting to use GoDaddy’s domain landing pages could access clunky BIN landing pages along with make offer and price request landing pages, but now domain owners can access GoDaddy’s new simpler BIN landing pages, which display a buy now price along with a quote from a GoDaddy broker and a phone number. The GoDaddy logo is also prominently placed.

GoDaddy’s new BIN landing page

In order to access the BIN landing page, I believe your domain name needs to be listed on GoDaddy’s Afternic platform. Your domain name also needs an active BIN price, which can be added by logging in to your Afternic account, navigating to your domain list, and inserting the BIN price.

Once that has been completed, you’ll need to go to your domain’s registrar and change the nameservers to and Once the nameserver information has updated, your domain name should point to GoDaddy’s new BIN landing page.

According to Afternic, the marketplace charges a 20% commission on any domain sold between $0 and $5,000.

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