Kolonial.no Rebrands to Oda, Acquires Oda.com

Norwegian grocery retailer Kolonial.no has made a conscious effort to move away from the Kolonial/Colonial brand name in anticipation of expansion beyond Norway.

According to Kolonial.no manager Karl Munthe-Kaas, “I was tired of starting all international presentations with the fact that we were not colonists.”

That frustration is now in the past, as Kolonial.no has announced its intention to rebrand to Oda, with the name change taking effect as of the end of April. Oda, according to a recent article, means “poem” or “poetry” in Spanish or Italian.

Smartly, Kolonial.no has acquired Oda.com to accompany the brand name change. The company has acquired Oda.no but spent wisely invested in Oda.com, too. The acquisition of Oda.com is in anticipation for Kolonial’s move out of Norway, with the grocery brand looking to expand to Europe.

According to an article at E24.no, Oda.com was a “double-digit million amount.” This is likely referring to Norway’s currency, the Krone. 10 million Krone would equal around $1.18 million, whereas 90 million Krone would be upwards of $10 million.

2 thoughts on “Kolonial.no Rebrands to Oda, Acquires Oda.com”

  1. Iā€™m guessing that math isn’t one of your strongest subjects šŸ™‚
    How can 10m Krone be 118k when 90m Krone is upwards of $10m?!
    10m Krone is just under $1,180m!


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