Michael Saylor Launches Standalone Hope.com Site – “Bitcoin is Hope”

Michael Saylor is famous for several things. His creation of business intelligence firm MicroStrategy, his $30 million sale of Voice.com, and more recently his $2.23 billion investment in Bitcoin, on behalf of MicroStrategy.

Aside from MicroStrategy’s heavy investment into Bitcoin, Saylor’s company also owns a stunning portfolio of premium domain names. Despite selling Voice.com for a record $30 million, MicroStrategy still owns domain names such as Alert.com, Strategy.com, and Wisdom.com as well as several first-name domains including Mike.com, William.com, and Emma.com.

Last week, Saylor announced the launch of a standalone website on one of MicroStrategy’s domains, Hope.com.

Since 2020, MicroStrategy has redirected Hope.com to a section of MicroStrategy’s website aimed at educating visitors about Bitcoin. Now, however, the information has been transitioned to a standalone website hosted at Hope.com. The site’s strapline is “Bitcoin is Hope.”

The news was announced by Saylor in a recent tweet:

One of the resources featured on Hope.com is Saylor’s interview with DomainSherpa publisher and CEO of Media Options, Andrew Rosener, with the pair discussing Bitcoin and domain names, among other things.

Saylor is reportedly due to take part in a “Bitcoin vs. Gold” debate against Canadian businessman Frank Giustra. Saylor recently trolled Giustra by redirecting Frank.com, a domain owned by MicroStrategy, to the new Hope.com website.


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