The Problem With Social Media…

Social media has changed the way we do many things. We now interact differently, we now consume news and information differently, and we’re constantly engaged with the thoughts and opinions of fellow users. 

With Facebook boasting roughly 2.7 billion users as of Q3 2020 and Twitter users at just over one-tenth of that figure, it’s easy to see the lure of social media for brands and businesses. 

It’s possibly the easiest way to connect to your followers. Use advertising or organic methods to grow your social media audience, connect with the followers, and sell to them. Rinse and repeat.

A lot of marketing dollars are focused on social media because it gives such an easy return. In the 2020 Super Bowl, a thirty-second ad slot was estimated to cost $5.4 million. Some brands featured their domains, yet some brands such as Tide opted to show a hashtag prompting users to chat about the ad on social media, with the brand able to interact directly with those using hashtags.

That works fine until you’re de-platformed. De-platformed seems to be the buzzword of 2021 so far with Donald Trump and many others being de-platformed from Twitter, YouTube, and even Pinterest. 

Thanks to decisions from social media bosses, Trump lost his ability to interact directly with his tens of millions of followers. This isn’t a politically-motivated article, it’s simply that Trump’s de-platforming is a stark reminder of the power that influencers and brands give to social media companies.

Are you prepared to be de-platformed at the touch of a button? Would your brand survive without social media? 

If not, it’s time to adopt a new plan. Domain names should be centric to your digital marketing plans. Regardless of what product you sell, or how you sell it, make the domain name the center of your digital brand.

A domain name puts the control back into the hands of your brand. A domain name is an asset that you control.

6 thoughts on “The Problem With Social Media…”

  1. These social medial companies and, for that matter, some large corporations imposing their political agendas are absolutely disgusting (not strong enough word). Give me a break! They care so much…what a joke. I am a 57 year old vet and hell if I would volunteer again.

    The arrogance and stupidity of big tech/big corp and, of course, the elite class is a reminder how warped folks can get given enough
    ignorance, money, and power.

    The United States of America, as it was envisioned and amended, was an amazing nation. But, as they continue to obliterate the middle-class, which is the economic backbone of any society, then we will decline as we have been slowly for the past 30 years; so slow that it was difficult to notice. Politicians on both sides have sold us out. Add to that, private corporate dictates interfering with freedom of speech, lack of legal immigration, and the list goes on.

    Yes, I would think domain names offer ultimate control of any brand and hopefully there will increase competitor social media outlets, to include NFT outlets….in which there are more niche platforms that will grow, because humans are tribal, for the most part, preferring to hang out with those of common interests.

    I am also, on a small scale, into domain investing. Love it! I love it because it is a challenge, creative, and can enable someone to brand their dream and maybe one can make some money, of course!

    • @Allison P
      If you don’t like the big techs, then create your own platform and if you don’t like The United States of America, then go to China, Russia, Burma -they love your money and your “free” speech(he he)
      Thanks for your Bitch*&^ing and your freedom of speech….here in USA

      • @BullS
        Actually, the US, of course is more optimal than those nations you mentioned, so far. I do not like what is going on “currently” with big tech/corp and other current event issues; apparently I should have been more clear……CURRENTLY. And damn straight, this was a great Btch session! feel much better! As far as the platforms….I just do not use the ones that I believe to be unreasonable. So you can just keep on defending the current state of affairs. Go for it. You have your opinion and I have mine.

        • I don’t do twittershit,faceshit,instantgerm or any social media…..waste of time and peoples’ opinions are worthless..Nobody really cares about your vacation pictures or your family pictures…
          All I care is me, myself,I,numbero Uno,number 1—time,money and good health–that all I caae-my health and nobody can force you to exercise except YOU.

          I guess there are people making big money spreading lies and fakes….suckers here and there

  2. Excellent, this would have to be present in the mind of any business large or small,
    in social media you just don’t own anything and there mind changes by the minute,
    your product, your views may fall outside there liking and your investment of time 7 money is gone with the find, as you mention all must be around your domain (your brand) now imagine people that work 100% in social media with NO website.
    Happy Easter, every one of your articles is rich & full of insight.

  3. Here again, the simplest solution lies within our very own industry. Domain names are the independence and the ultimate symbol for freedom in the social media world of the internet.

    Social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and a number of other “walled gardens” are a simplest way to be connected to the internet, By using the them to create our online persona, we then become part of their equity.

    While there way be over a billion members of Facebook, you only have some access to you friends. Facebook parcels out more eyeballs for a fee. If you want to reach a thousand more eyeballs you can pay them $50. If you want to reach million-well, you get the picture. We are the cheese that gets sliced up for the highest paying corporate diner. What makes Facebook an almost half trillion dollar company? —us.

    The way we stay independent is to stay separate and unique. If people started setting up their own websites on a granular level there could be hundreds of millions of dots that no one could censure. They can shut you down on their platform but they can’t if you are your own dominion.

    it’s really become quite easy these days to buy a domain name, use a site like to create a WordPress themed site for free. Post your content there and push others to find that information but posting a link on the large platforms to your content. You then own it.

    if we all start doing this now, eventually the process will move the power and control away from these social tech monopolies and back to where the power and control belongs. Don’t be a slave to those who don’t have your best interests in mind.


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