What is Your Best Buy of 2021 So Far?

The arrival of April 2021 also signals the beginning of the 2nd fiscal quarter of the year. The 1st quarter has brought about plenty of domain name sales. DNJournal, for example, already lists 38 domain sales of $100,000 or more. In comparison, DNJournal lists 53 sales of $100,000 or more for the whole of 2020.

In terms of acquisitions, we’ve seen some major domain names change ownership. Here is just a handful of the domain name acquisitions we’ve seen so far in 2021.


Wall.com – Andrew Rosener

Satoshi.com – Andy Booth

James.com – James & Andy Booth

Cold.com – Braden Pollock

Business.co – AbdulBasit Makrani

Let.com – Brent Oxley


Now is your chance to boast. What is your best buy of 2021 so far? Which domain name acquisition are you most proud of?

Comment below with the best domain you’ve purchased so far in 2021. It’s your chance to show off, but there are some rules:

  • You’re only allowed to post one domain name
  • You can include an asking price for the domain along with contact information if you wish (posted at your own risk)
  • Including a reason for the purchase is optional but if you do, it’ll help others understand your buying process

I’ll approve comments, but I’m not verifying ownership. If anyone does buy or sell a domain from the comments on this article, it’s done at their own risk.


3 thoughts on “What is Your Best Buy of 2021 So Far?”

  1. I don’t buy ,I use my god’s given creativity
    I just hand reg MaleRage.com for just $6.99
    It will be sold within a year for $$$$$$$


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