$30 Million Voice.com Domain to Become an NFT Platform

In 2019, Block.one acquired Voice.com from MicroStrategy for $30 million, which set the record as the most expensive publicly-disclosed domain sale of all time. The sale was facilitated by GoDaddy and naturally, there was plenty of interest and scrutiny after the sale.

Block.one put Voice.com to work hosting a blockchain-based social media platform, described as a decentralized version of Facebook or Medium. However, the platform didn’t really gain any traction, and it seems Block.one is going to put its $30 million domain to use as an NFT platform instead.

As of writing, Voice.com hosts a plain landing page, informing visitors that the new website will be up and running in the summer.


The pivot to an NFT platform was confirmed by Voice’s CEO Salah Zalatimo on Twitter:

In April 2021, SimilarWeb estimated Voice.com’s traffic to be 468,000 visitors per month. While that’s significant for many sites or businesses, Voice.com’s aspirations were always higher, as the Facebook comparisons suggested. After what could be deemed a social media flop behind them, Voice’s owners will be hoping that the new NFT platform will finally put its $30 million domain in the global spotlight.


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