5 Options for Selling Domain Names

How do you sell a domain name? Every day, thousands of domain names are bought and sold. There are different ways to sell your domains, depending on your goals. Here I’ve listed my five leading options for selling domain names.



There are several leading domain name marketplaces that are popular with domain investors and individual domain owners to help sell their domains. These marketplaces tend to have connections with domain registrars in order to promote listed domains to a wider audience. Sedo, for example, has Sedo MLS, a multi-listing service that uses a roster of 650 partners to try to help sell domains quicker. GoDaddy’s Afternic also offers a similar service.

Other marketplaces such as SquadHelp have their own marketing strategies to get your domains in front of potential buyers.



If simply listing a domain for sale at a marketplace isn’t working for you, or you want a faster return on your investment, domain name outbound sales may be for you. Outbound sales essentially means responsibly finding and contacting potential end-users who realistically may be interested in acquiring your domain name.

Outbound marketing is a skill that needs to be learned in order for you to find potential buyers for your domains. DNAcademy, an accelerated learning platform founded by Michael Cyger, has a section on outbound marketing within its course.


Landing Pages

A landing page can be anything from a simple contact form to something more elaborate. Choosing to point your domain to a landing page gives potential buyers the ability to navigate directly to your domain name and submit an offer or initiate discussions with you.

If someone is interested in buying your domain name, making it as simple as possible to acquire it is paramount. A well-designed landing page does just that. If you’re looking to point your domain to a landing page rather than a marketplace listing, there are several providers of quality, tested landing pages, including Efty.



If you need quick cash, selling your domain name wholesale may be your best bet. A wholesale domain sale means selling your name to another domain investor for a price that’s far less than your expected retail (end-user) price. Wholesale deals can be conducted privately among investors, or public venues or services can be used.

NamePros and other domain forums have specific sections for domain sales, while DNWE and NameLiquidate focus specifically on allowing its users to buy and sell wholesale domains.



If you’re not interested in proactively selling your domain, or you’re waiting for the right buyer to come to you with a sizable offer, passive may be the way to go. Fortunately, to sell passively, not a lot is involved. Just ensure that your ideal buyer, or a representative such as DomainAgents, has some means of getting in contact with you, and that’s about it!


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  1. I started my career with doing outbound sales and my ultimate plan was to make passive sales and more of an autopilot. For the last few years, I’ve stopped doing outbound and have reached the point where I planned to be so I can focus more on research, buying part, inquiries, sales, etc.

    How about you James?


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