After $156.1 Million in Funding, Noah… Misses Out on

According to recent statistics, Noah is the second most popular boy’s name of 2020, but it seems the name is also a popular brand name. With 56 company names on Crunchbase containing “Noah,” there’s a lot of competition for domain names.

In May 2021, revealed that both and were recently acquired by Noah Savings (UK) Ltd., a crypto banking company that is currently in stealth mode.

The acquisition price of wasn’t revealed, but similar domain names have traded in the mid-six-figure range., for example, sold for $440,000.

Noah’s acquisition of means that for the duration of its ownership of the domain, crypto banking startup Noah dominates the digital identity and branding for the term Noah. That will come as a blow to at least one company named Noah.

Another Noah was founded in 2016 using the domain. This Noah has had a successful start. Since launching, the company has raised $156.1 million in funding, has been featured in the likes of Forbes, and has won a couple of awards. Its innovative business model allows home buyers to access home equity by offering upfront financing in exchange for a share in the home’s future appreciation or depreciation.

While the majority of Noah’s $156.1 million in funding rightly goes towards its financing business model as well as building its team and the other costs involved with home financing. Should the company have used what’s likely to have been less than 1% of its funding to secure

As a company that offers financing for home purchases, staff at companies such as Noah will likely be privy to financial documents and sensitive information sent from its customers. With .COM as the dominant domain extension throughout the U.S., we’ve seen general consumer confusion between .COM and .CO in the past, most prevalently with Overstock’s usage of, which reportedly attributed to a 61% loss in traffic to the unused

Could emails also go awry, with emails being sent to a .COM address rather than a .CO? Possible minor email loss alone may not have been a big consideration for Noah, who no doubt at least thought about acquiring at some stage. However, other companies have made sizable domain purchases to plug potential security problems. Microsoft acquired to avoid a potential disaster, for example.

Home financing company Noah certainly had the opportunity to acquire, but now face some real brand dilution, email and traffic loss, and customer confusion as they compete with another financial company actively using

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  1. The acquisition price wasn’t revealed, since the acquisition wasn’t revealed.

    We’re lucky to have you, James. buyer’s the worst promoter


  2. Thanks for sharing James.
    This nonsensical decision coming from any heavily funded companies is always mind-boggling.

  3. Hello James,
    Noah, Good Luck getting future funding needs without NOAH.COM.
    You need the Strategic (.com EPA) to survive anyway. Buy the (.com EPA)
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    • Hello James,
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  4. We expect companies to understand the value of .Com domains but we fail to educate them about it. Newsflash: They are not mind readers.

    Domain owners collectively get so much traffic on forsale landers. Why not use them to educate buyers, for the name they are after or any name they may be after later?


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