After a 6 Figure Financed Sale, Launches. It’s Another NFT Venture

Last year, I revealed that Brent Oxley sold for an undisclosed high six-figure fee in a financed deal. No specific details of the financing were offered, and it isn’t known whether a domain financing service such as Domain Capital was used.

Several months passed with displaying nothing but a cryptic “coming soon” page, but now the project has been revealed, and it’s an NFT venture. A handful of premium .COM domain sales have been acquired for NFT-related activities recently, including

According to, the company is going to use the domain as an auction platform to sell 16 physical bikes, dubbed the Micro Bike, designed by Kendall Toerner. The auction begins on May 10. The project, reportedly backed by a prominent group of investors, is built on the Origin Protocol platform. The project and domain name may be owned by Origin Protocol, but that’s not completely clear.

Alongside the 16 physical bikes, auction winners will also receive a piece of NFT digital art.

What role does have in this NFT venture? Perhaps the name adds legitimacy to the venture, but does it offer anything aside from that? It’s interesting to see being used in this way, and interesting to note that it’s another premium .COM domain being used in connection with the NFT trend.

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