Brent Oxley’s Recent Acquisitions:,, and More

HostGator and founder Brent Oxley has quickly assembled a portfolio of some of the most desirable domain names. Led by names such as,, and, Oxley is known as an avid investor in one-word .COM domains.

Recently, Oxley has acquired seven more .COM domain names to add to his portfolio of close to 200 domains. While he does sell the occasional domain, Oxley’s acquisitions far outpace his sales. As usual, Oxley’s purchases have been added to his portfolio website at

This one-word .COM has obvious religious overtones. The name was acquired by Oxley from Francine Callahan, an investor that recently sold the highly valuable domain. The sale of may have been brokered by as the domain is listed on that company’s website. found its way into Oxley’s portfolio from the ownership of Elliot Silver’s Top Notch Domains LLC. According to Twitter, Silver’s company acquired the name earlier this year before the name moved into Oxley’s possession. is on sale at with a minimum offer value of $75,000. previously sold for $15,000 at Sedo in 2013 and hosted a basic economics website for several years, according to Now, the name has moved into Oxley’s possession and commands a $100,000 minimum offer value at Oxley’s marketplace.

Hops, a key component of beer, is a term that has gradually become more popular online thanks to the rise and increased popularity of small breweries. The name was previously owned by Forte Web Properties before it was acquired by Oxley.

Quarantine seems to have been one of the most-used words of 2020, thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic. The domain was listed for sale in the Media Options newsletter last year for $149,000, but it’s unclear what price Oxley paid for the domain, or whether Media Options brokered this deal. The name is up for sale at Oxley’s website with a $100,000 minimum offer value.

Oxley has acquired a number of real estate-related domain names including and, and I think can sit nicely next to those real estate names. The name looks to have been acquired from Landmark Media Enterprises LLC, a media company that owns dozens of local newspapers in the US.

Another domain name that looks to have moved from the ownership of Elliot Silver’s Top Notch Domains LLC to Oxley is According to WHOIS history, Top Notch Domains LLC originally acquired the name in 2018 from The Trimensa Corporation.

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