James Booth Sells James.com for $440,000

Just months after acquiring James.com, domain investor and top broker James Booth has sold his namesake .COM domain.

Booth reported to me that he sold James.com for $440,000. If the sale is verified by DNJournal, it will rank as the 10th largest domain sale of 2021 so far.

James.com was acquired by Booth from the original owner for an undisclosed fee and was quickly developed into a personal website for James Booth.

The name has now been acquired by another James — James William Awad, according to the site that’s already live at James.com, with Awad upgrading from James111.com to James.com.

Awad is a serial entrepreneur and has been dubbed the “father of modern business decentralization” as the founder of TripleOne Inc., which reportedly has 19 companies under its umbrella. His career journey, which started at 14, has been profiled by Entrepreneur.com.

The acquisition of James.com was announced by Awad via Twitter:

Booth also took to Twitter to confirm the sale of the domain, noting that his brother and fellow domain investor Andy Booth helped fund the original acquisition. Congratulations to James Booth on completing the sale.

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