Top Domains Owned by NameCheap –,, and More

NameCheap is one of the largest domain registrars in existence, but did you know the company owns its own portfolio of premium domain names? The collection has largely been assembled in 2021 with the company unafraid of paying sizable sums for some of the best domains around.

NameCheap paid $625,000 to acquire this rare two-letter .COM domain in April 2021. According to Elliot Silver of, the sale of to NameCheap was brokered by QEIP. The $625,000 price tag means that is the tenth-largest two-letter .COM sale reported in the past five years, according to NameBio.

While some of NameCheap’s purchases haven’t been used yet, certainly has. The company acquired for an undisclosed fee around October 2017, according to WHOIS history. In early 2021, NameCheap launched Visual, a brand builder that helps users create logos, business cards, and websites. The Visual brand is housed at

Another of NameCheap’s developed domains is offers domain registration as well as email and cloud hosting. Alongside, NameCheap also owns the matching @Spaceship usernames on Twitter and Instagram.

A one-word .COM domain recently acquired by NameCheap is The name was purchased by NameCheap for a fee of $60,000, according to a tweet from Elliot Silver. The name looks to have been sold to NameCheap by James and Andy Booth, who acquired the name in December 2020.

Another name sold to NameCheap by Andy Booth is This time, Andy reportedly brokered the sale with NameCheap paying a total of $550,000 for the domain. represents a rare chance to own a common animal .COM domain, a type of domain that is in extremely short supply.

Another six-figure acquisition by NameCheap is, which the company acquired for $150,000 in a deal announced in April 2021. was reportedly sold to NameCheap by Sedo’s senior broker, Dave Evanson. The name had been marketed for sale with Sedo since 2020.

Another one-word .COM and another $150,000 deal. Yes, NameCheap also acquired for $150,000 in 2021. Cluster is a term that can be used in web hosting, as clustered hosting is defined as a type of web hosting that spreads the load of hosting across multiple physical machines. Given NameCheap’s hosting services, will eventually be used in connection with the company’s hosting division?

NameCheap used this one-word .COM to launch a customer identity verification service in 2019. Using a premium .COM domain lends instant trust and credibility to the service. offers customer verification plans from $19 per month.


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