$100,000 Auction.io Buyer Revealed

The .IO extension is popular with both end-users and investors at the moment, and domain sales data reflects that. NameBio has recorded 797 .IO domain sales so far this year and it’s on track to beat last year’s total of 1,219 sales.

Seven of the top ten .IO domain sales of all time have been recorded this year, too, with three of those reaching $100,000 or more. One of those six-figure .IO sales is Auction.io, sold by Park.io’s founder Mike Carson in April 2021.

In a sales report, Carson confirmed the sale of Auction.io for $100,000, with the name moving registrars from Humbly LLC to GoDaddy. As of writing, the WHOIS listing for Auction.io still shows Introvert.com LLC, Carson’s company, as the registrant, but the domain has now been developed.

The buyer of Auction.io is YourStore LLC, a Texas-based company that is using Auction.io to form the basis of an auction platform. According to Auction.io, the company’s full product won’t be released until August 14.

YourStore LLC also runs projects on AuctionSoftware.com and Outsource.com.

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