5 Recent Domain Upgrades You Might Have Missed

Domain acquisitions happen for a number of reasons, but one of the most common motivations for a domain acquisition is an upgrade. These upgrades involve a company, startup, or individual acquiring a more desirable domain name for a project or company. Here are 5 recent domain upgrades that you might have missed.



The FinTech industry is starting to produce more services for the self-employed. Recently, self-employed back-office platform Collective upgraded to Collective.com, and now self-employed banking platform Found has joined the premium club by acquiring Found.com.

Discovered by Jamie Zoch, the company’s acquisition of Found.com closely follows its announcement of successfully closing a $12.8 million Series A funding round. The acquisition of Found.com represents a significant upgrade from its previous Found.app and HelloFound.co domains.



Bottle is an ordering and backend platform for local food creators and manufacturers founded by Andy Blechman and Will Schreiber. DomainInvesting.com publisher Elliot Silver noticed that Bottle had seemingly acquired Bottle.com after the domain started redirecting to the company’s existing domain, SendBottles.com. The upgrade looks to have happened around the end of April 2021.



After acquiring IT.co.uk last year for $242,000, Intis Telecom made the move to acquire IT.com this year in a deal brokered by James Booth. This represents a sizable upgrade from IntisTele.com to IT.com for the telecommunications company. While the sales price of IT.com hasn’t been revealed, it is thought to be a mid-seven-figure fee. As of writing, IT.com redirects visitors to IntisTele.com.



London-based crypto bank Noah is yet to launch, but the company wasted no time in acquiring its exact-match .COM domain for an undisclosed fee. The company upgraded from Noah.io, with both Noah.com and Noah.io currently hosting a basic landing page.

Again, the acquisition was first discovered by Jamie Zoch on Twitter.



On May 30, 2021, domain investor George Kirikos discovered that Exodus.com had been acquired by crypto wallet provider Exodus Movement in a deal worth $1,945,000. Media Options represented the buyer, Exodus Movement, in the deal. The acquisition of Exodus.com is a direct upgrade from the company’s previous domain Exodus.io.

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