Bubble Upgrades from Bubble.io to Bubble.com

The codeless web programming company Bubble has upgraded from Bubble.io to Bubble.com. Founded in 2012, Bubble is a New York-based point-and-click programming tool that requires no prior knowledge of coding, allowing the creation of web apps to become more accessible.

Bubble raised a $6.3 million funding round in 2019, but despite a relatively small amount of publicly disclosed outside funding, the company has crossed the million-user mark combining both free and paid customers.

That impressive feat was marked by Bubble with the acquisition of the Bubble.com domain name, upgrading from its longstanding Bubble.io domain. According to WHOIS, Bubble.com is currently held in an Escrow.com account, suggesting that Bubble’s purchase of Bubble.com is being paid in installments.

WHOIS history shows that the name moved into Escrow.com’s holding account around June 24th, 2021.

Bubble publicly acknowledged its acquisition of Bubble.com via Twitter:

The Bubble.com domain was previously owned by Fairprint Distribution Ltd, a Scottish printing company.


Kudos to Jamie Zoch for spotting the tweet from Bubble.

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  1. I like bubble.com domain. Most likely sold for low-to-mid 7 figures, possibly more. Worth mid-to-high 7 figures IMO.


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