Kate Buckley Sells eBike.com for Over $1 Million

Domain broker and founder of Buckley Media, Kate Buckley, has announced her latest blockbuster sale via Twitter.

According to Buckley, she brokered the sale of the category-defining eBike.com domain:

An exact sales price hasn’t been released at this time, with Buckley simply disclosing that this was a deal worth more than $1 million. While Buckley didn’t disclose the exact sales price via Twitter, DNJournal has revealed that the total sales price for eBike.com was $1,008,900. I assume that the $8,900 portion of the price was a fee paid to Escrow.com for handling the transaction, since $8,900 is the total fee payable for facilitating a $1 million sale via Escrow.com.

According to WHOIS, the buyer of eBike.com is Robert Bosch GmbH, more commonly known as Bosch. The company is a leading technology corporation, with Wikipedia reporting that Bosch achieved €77.72 billion in revenue in 2020.

Bosch is the creator of an eBike system, with the company producing motors, batteries, and displays for eBikes. Bosch’s eBike website is currently located at bosch-ebike.com.

eBike.com may be familiar to regular domain market watchers after the name sold for $71,938 at DropCatch in February 2018. That’s a sizable return on investment, assuming that the 2018 buyer is the same person that sold the domain.

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