Ledger.io Sells for $120,000

The fourth publicly-disclosed .IO sale is here, courtesy of a LinkedIn post revealing that Ledger.io sold for $120,000.

If verified by DNJournal, this will rank as the second-largest .IO sale of all time, behind the $175,000 sale of Metaverse.io.

Investor Jay Paudyal revealed his sale of Ledger.io in a LinkedIn post, saying:

Glad to share 3 domain sales (USD 314K) of this month. SchoolOS.com ($14000), Ledger.io (USD 120K), [UNDER-NDA-NAME] (USD 180K). All these were hand-registered domains. UNDER-NDA-NAME (dot IO) has been sold to Stock Analysis Software Company.

According to WHOIS, Ledger.io was acquired by Ledger SAS, seemingly the French crypto hardware wallet provider that operates on Ledger.com. The $120,000 sale has been confirmed to me by Jay.

The LinkedIn post also references a $180,000 .IO sale, which would be a record breaker. Unfortunately, in this case, the name and buyer have not been revealed.

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