Rick Schwartz: Ass.com Under $6 Million + Royalties Agreement

Rick Schwartz has revealed that he has reached an agreement to sell Ass.com for $6 million, plus royalties. In a tweet today, Schwartz revealed:

There has been much speculation about the name that Schwartz was selling after his cryptic tweet mentioned that he was in the process of selling a three-letter .COM domain. Many assumed the name would be LUV.com, another of Schwartz’s many premium .COM domain names. However, it has now been confirmed that Ass.com is the domain name in question.

What isn’t known, though, is who the buyer is, or what the name is due to be used for. That information will become available in the long term, but for now, we can only speculate. The obvious use for Ass.com may be in the adult industry where Schwartz has previously thrived with names such as Porno.com.

However, the addition of the “#Crypto” and “#BTC” hashtags to Schwartz’s tweet may suggest that the buyer is in the cryptocurrency space, or that Schwartz is due to be paid partly (or fully) in cryptocurrency. There is an $ASS coin trading at the moment, with the company behind that coin operating on AssFinance.com. Could that be the buyer?

According to a tweet from Schwartz last year, he paid $12,500 to acquire Ass.com, likely in the 90s:

$6 million, plus royalties, is a sizable return on investment for Schwartz and testament to his business model.

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  1. wow, great sale and with royalties no less. Rick is unique in his understanding of generic domain names. He keeps making history. Congratulations.


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