Top Domains Owned by Braden Pollock in 2021:,, and More

Serial entrepreneur and domain investor Braden Pollock has been building his immense portfolio of domain names for quite some time. After finding success with legal domains related to his business, Legal Brand Marketing, Pollock pivoted to one-word .COM domains in particular. Again, he found success.

Today, he owns a portfolio filled with hundreds of high-quality domain names. Here, I’m picking just ten of my favorite domains from his portfolio, a difficult job indeed!

Four-letter .COM domains make great brand names, which is possibly why these are now scarce and expensive assets. Pollock’s is a fantastic example of a highly desirable four-letter .COM that would likely command a seven-figure price tag.

This is one of a number of domains in Braden Pollock’s portfolio that has religious or mythological overtones. Others include According to WHOIS history, this domain was previously owned by Georgia-Pacific LLC.

Common fruits can make top-notch brand names, as Apple ( and Orange ( have proved. A common fruit domain is a rare asset, and unsurprisingly holds pride of place in Pollock’s portfolio.

Along with fruits, herbs and plants can make popular brand names, and is certainly an empty vessel name waiting for the right buyer. There are numerous companies listed at Crunchbase that brand around “Parsley,” including Parsley Health and Parsley Energy.

Since I’m left-handed, I may be a little biased in my love for this domain, but there’s no doubt that is another valuable four-letter name owned by Pollock. WHOIS history suggests that the name has been owned by Braden Pollock since 2015. is one of Pollock’s most recent acquisitions, but certainly one of my favorites. This adaptable domain name has tens of potential buyers, according to LinkedIn. WHOIS history shows that was owned by a MarkMonitor client, possibly Best Buy, up until June 2021.

Aside from being a popular cocktail and a winter annoyance for me, “snowball” can be a powerful brand name that can scream positivity and motivation thanks to the “positive snowball effect” where positivity brings positivity. is a live website with an established business operating on it that makes up part of The Grooming Network, which Pollock co-owns. There has been sizable investment in the male grooming industry in recent years, which means that the value of the domain alone is likely to have increased rapidly.

A list of favorite domains surely has to include! This domain name has been owned by Pollock since 2020, according to WHOIS, with the domain being registered under WHOIS privacy protection before that. Any brand that wanted to acquire would do well to acquire, too.

Statista suggests that the number of carpooling vehicles worldwide has increased from 7.67 million in 2015 to 23.16 million in 2020. That is predicted to increase to 44.98 million by 2025. The idea of carpooling to reduce air pollution and traffic has certainly become more popular. Logically, then, the exact-match domain carries great value.


Some of the other domains that I could have picked include,,,,,, and more! The whole portfolio can be viewed on Braden’s custom Efty portfolio,

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