After Acquiring, MNTN Also Acquires

Californian advertising software company SteelHouse announced in early June 2021 that it was rebranding from SteelHouse to MNTN, pronounced Mountain.

The rebrand also came with a domain acquisition as the company made an investment in its future by buying for an undisclosed fee. The domain name now hosts MNTN’s corporate website, but in my original article about the acquisition, I wondered why MNTN hadn’t acquired, too.

That oversight has been remedied as MNTN now owns, with the domain redirecting to

According to WHOIS history, the acquisition took place around June 22nd, 2021, with the name moving to a GoDaddy account controlled by SoCal IP Law Group LLP, the same legal firm that helped MNTN acquire

Prior to this acquisition, was owned by a Chinese domain investor and the name held a “for sale” page. By owning and, MNTN truly controls its online branding.

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