Launches After a Reported 7 Figure Sale by Rick Schwartz

The Domain King has had quite a year so far. Months before announcing a $6 million+ sales deal for, the veteran domainer revealed two sizable betting domain sales.

In the first DNJournal sales column of 2021, Schwartz posted an $850,000 sale of and swiftly followed that up with an announcement of a seven-figure deal for

A NamePros thread suggests that this was a $3.6 million deal with a $1.8 million sales price and $1.8 million in royalty payments.

Several months after the domain sold, is now live, offering sports betting and casino offers across the USA.

WHOIS data still shows Rick Schwartz as the owner of, something that can happen if there’s a lease or royalty element to a deal.

However,’s privacy policy shows that the site is operated by Stram Entertainment Ltd., and its subsidiary BO Marketing Ltd. Stram Entertainment Ltd. is based in Dublin, Ireland, despite its product being focused on the US gambling market.

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