Confirm HR Acquires from Brent Oxley

Last week, I published details about investment platform Nvstr’s rebrand to Tornado, with the company acquiring from domain investor and entrepreneur Brent Oxley.

Famous for founding HostGator, Oxley has more recently built a sizable portfolio of domain names that includes names such as,, and

A name that Oxley has owned until recently is The sale of this domain was spotted by Jamie Zoch and confirmed to me by Brent Oxley.

Oxley himself purchased less than a year ago, paying $108,000 for the domain in a deal brokered by Sedo. The name was then added to Oxley’s Efty marketplace, where it remained until it was sold.

The domain was acquired by Confirm HR, a young brand founded in 2019 that uses a data-driven approach to help companies make the right hire. The company has raised $3 million in funding since 2019.

Confirm HR upgraded from to According to Oxley, the deal was facilitated by Larry Erlich of The price paid for has not been revealed.

2 thoughts on “Confirm HR Acquires from Brent Oxley”

    • You dont even know how much he sold it for. Thanks Oxley, nice to know, one of those. — Agree, sells priceless domains, but disagree, “equity” since Oxley can only “confirm” he sold it. Maybe got 1-10 million, high low 6 fig. Thanks a lot, Oxley!

      At least give us ballpark. Enjoy the $$. Doesnt deserve equity, since no price.



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