Mote Upgrades from Terrible .ME Domain to

Describing itself as the Internet’s voice messaging platform, Mote was founded in 2020 and has already attracted more than 1 million users.

Many of those million users are in the education sector, where audio feedback has helped students in a world where education has been predominantly limited to online-only thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Like so many startups, Mote began life using a pretty mediocre domain name. In this case, was the domain of choice for Mote up until recently.

According to WHOIS history, moved from Chinese registrar eName to a GoDaddy account under WHOIS privacy in mid-April, 2021. Coincidentally, Mote raised a $1.7 million funding round in March 2021.

Tweets from Mote and Mote’s staff suggest that Mote started to use in some form from late April, but Mote officially confirmed its domain upgrade in a tweet on July 7th, proudly stating:

Moving from to is quite an upgrade. While Mote is largely accessible via a Chrome extension, plays a part in the day-to-day running of the company, with learning hubs, messages, and the company’s main website all hosted on the domain.


3 thoughts on “Mote Upgrades from Terrible .ME Domain to”

  1. I congratulate them on acquiring a shorter and clearer domain name.

    My personal website uses a short [My Full Name].me domain name and I’m really glad that I own the domain name.

    Although might not look profession, it’s not that “terrible”. When people need to mention the TLD to comment on a domain name, it can be a good practice to be euphemistic and take into account of the feelings of the registry and the owners of domain names of that TLD.

    ~Just my two cents.


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