Recent Domain Purchase by Brent Oxley, Part 2:,, and More

I featured three domains in part one of my article looking at the most recent domain name acquisitions by Brent Oxley, founder of HostGator and In part two, I’m looking at four more purchases made recently by Brent Oxley.

Oxley has added another two-letter .COM domain to his portfolio, following on from his previous purchases of and The domain, which has a minimum offer value of $1 million at, was acquired by Brent Oxley in June 2021.

According to DomainIQ, the domain was previously owned by Mike Gleissner, a domain investor associated with numerous other short domain names.

“Editor” is a term that has wide potential usage across several industries, and is searched for 61,000 times per month at Google, according to an estimate I’ve seen. The domain previously sold for $225,000 in 2009, but it is not known how much Oxley paid for in 2021. is another empty vessel domain name added to Oxley’s portfolio. Several brands would benefit from owning, including a platform for Zoom classes, which operates on was previously owned by The Session Law Firm based in Kansas City.

The last of Oxley’s recent purchases that I’m profiling is, a name acquired by Oxley around June 24th, 2021. This is likely to have been one of Oxley’s cheaper purchases, based on the fact that the name previously sold at Sedo in 2012 for $3,000.

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