RVsForSale.com Sells for $194,213.25

Domain name broker and founder of PrimeLoyalty.com, Jeff Garbutt, has closed a deal for RVsForSale.com on behalf of a client.

The news was first disclosed by the domain’s former owner, Francine Callahan, in a LinkedIn post that also revealed that Garbutt has sold two other names previously owned by Callahan this year, CommercialProperty.com and Acquisition.com.

I verified the sale of RVsForSale.com privately with Garbutt, who provided proof of the full price paid for the domain, which was $194,213.25. This price tag consisted of a $192,500 sales price, plus a $1,713.25 Escrow.com fee.

As of publishing, the domain is under WHOIS privacy protection and still redirecting to a parked page, so there are no clues as to who bought the name.

According to one estimate, the term “RVs For Sale” is searched for 301,000 times per month in the US, with a cost per click of $1.41. Owning this exact-match domain name will help the new owner to dominate this search term.

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