$2.5 Million Marketing.com Buyer Confirmed and Revealed

This week, DNJournal revealed that Marketing.com sold in one of the largest publicly-disclosed domain deals of 2021.

The $2.5 million sale of Marketing.com was facilitated by domain name broker Larry Fischer, with Ari Goldberger of ESQWire handling the escrow process, but who bought the domain?

Some sleuthing brought me to the same conclusion as DomainGang, that Marketing.com was acquired by the company behind ColorArt.com, a print, and marketing provider. That has been confirmed with ColorArt LLC.

The company purchased the domain name with a very specific plan in mind. According to ColorArt’s managing director, Marketing.com will host the company’s ordering portal technology.

Currently, that technology is hosted at CenveoKadena.com, but a revamp will see the whole portal housed under the Marketing.com brand.

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